Map Link to Mecunoma

An early settler named Robert Galbraith heard natives yelling “Mecunoma”, and when asked what they meant, they said “We have found a road.”  We assume they were speaking about the Nipissing Road, which had recently been cut through the area for settlers to move north.  Galbraith went on to become the postmaster in 1877, based in “Russell House”, the hotel that Alfred Russell opened in 1865.

Russell House burnt down in 1926.

Maps sometimes show Bummer’s Roost and Mecunoma in the same spot (Pearceley Road an Eagle Lake Road) and other times place Mecunoma about 1km east on Eagle Lake Road.  Galbraith apparently tried to change the name of Bummer’s Roost to Mecunoma, reinforcing the concept that they were one and the same.