Bummers Roost

Map link to Bummer’s Roost

Bummers Roost is located in the township of Lount at the junction of Pearceley Road and Eagle Lake Road where the Nipissing Colonisation Road and Pearceley Road briefly share the same route.  Not far from two other ghost towns,  Mecunoma, and Wattenwyle.  The Nipissing Road continues north on a rough track, and is no longer considered a legal road.

The name Bummers Roost is derived from a plaque nailed to a tree that bore the name “Dick the Bummer” or possibly “Bummers Roost”.  Apparently, Dick Mannering was a trapper in the area in the second half of the 19th century (1860ish), and did little other than wander the area (bumming) and trapping.

In 1865 the hotel “Russell House” was built by Alfred Russell.  It’s location was in/around Bummers Roost and Mecunoma (just down the road less than 1km).